Our chicken burgers are easy and quick to prepare and offer a consistent centre of plate option for your menu. Par-fried – ready for the oven or fryer.

Breaded Chicken Breast Burgers (par-fried)

Breaded Chicken Breast Burgers (par-fried)

Our chicken burgers are made using 100% white meat and coated with our own special coating. Chicken burgers are economical and easy to prepare. They can be cooked in the oven or deep fryer in minutes.

DescriptionProduct CodePack Size# pieces
Large – 90 g43456004.5 kg50
Small – 70 g43456024.5 kg64

Country Classic Breaded Burgers (par-fried)

Product Code: 4343300 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Piece size: 90 g | # pieces: 44
Perfectly seasoned and breaded with our own special crispy coating, these chicken burgers are made with 100% chicken breast. A winning combination!