Whether you are purchasing for a hospital, retirement facility, or school cafeteria, be sure to contact us and see how our commitment to producing the highest quality products can help you with your everyday menu needs.


Hospitals, retirement homes and school cafeterias serve a wide range of consumers with varying tastes. However, they do have one thing in common – the need to prepare great-tasting food quickly and economically. JD Sweid’s diverse menu definitely fits the bill. Our fully cooked and par-fried choices are easy to prepare, allowing you to serve delicious meals to large groups of people.


Safety and nutrition are key elements of food service at retirement and nursing homes. Wholesome eating is essential to maintain and improve the health of residents. JD Sweid Foods products can be a key component of any menu. Our items are par-fried or fully cooked to enhance safety and deliver convenience.


Eating healthy food is important to recovery from illness or surgery. At JD Sweid Foods, we provide products that are nutritious, look appetizing and taste good. Our foods are par-fried or fully cooked to improve safety and offer convenience – two key goals for any hospital food service provider.