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At JD Sweid Foods, we understand the challenges foodservice operators and distributors face every day. You want to reduce prep time, deliver quality and keep a lid on costs. With our wide selection of poultry, beef and pork products, we can help you achieve your goals. And keep your customers smiling with every bite.

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With a full line of poultry, beef, pork items, we are able to provide solution that meet the specific needs of all our customers and the ability to fully cook products in our facilities provides our customers with added food safety and flexibility.


Our wide range of delicious poultry items includes par-fried or fully cooked options.


Our beef portfolio includes a wide array of beef products, from Pure Beef Tenderform Patties to our High Performance Burger, in popular sizes and shapes.


Our ever popular Dry Garlic Ribs is a great choice for an appetizer or center of plate item to consider when building your menu.


As vegetarian and plant-based options are more popular than ever, consider adding our delicious Veggie patty to your menu.