We strongly believe in helping groups take action and raise funds for their local organization. We’ve put together an exceptional assortment of products with up to 25% off retail prices. Easy to sell, these products are sold frozen and packed in consumer-friendly formats that will appeal to both smaller and bigger households.

Boneless Chicken Breasts

Product Code: 3295609 | Pack Size: 3 kg
Our highest quality boneless chicken breast now has reduced sodium and comes in a larger 3 kg box. Uncooked.

Quik Strips

Product Code: 6905605 | Pack Size: 2 kg

Oven roasted and fully cooked, our 100% chicken breast strips are a delicious addition to a stir fry, salads, wraps, pastas… the options are endless. Now with a new & improved taste!

mild spicy Breaded Chicken Bites

Product Code: 6325600 | Pack Size: 2 kg

Juicy, boneless breast meat bites in a deliciously seasoned crumb coating; perfect plain, dipped or sauced. Fully cooked.

Tender L’Oven Chicken STRIPS

Product Code: 4325603 | Pack size: 2 kg

An all time favourite… our whole tenderloin, lightly breaded and ready to cook in your oven! Serve with your favourite tasty sauce. Uncooked.

Spicy Breaded Chicken Breasts

Product Code: 4305602 | Pack Size: 2 kg

Tender sliced whole breast portions lightly breaded in a spicy coating. Great on a sandwich or as a satisfying entrée with a salad or vegetables. Uncooked.

Breaded Chicken Burgers

Product Code: 6345603| Pack Size: 2.5 kg

These breaded burgers are 100% white breast meat specially developed for both the oven and the fryer. A simple and convenient meal idea your kids will love! Fully cooked.

Classic Choice Beef Burgers

Product Code: 1030196 | Pack Size: 4.54 kg

Satisfy your hunger and sink your teeth into our 5.3 oz tender, juicy and delicious Classic Choice Beef Burger. Perfect for grilling it can be dressed up just the way you like it. Uncooked.

Homestyle Chicken Pieces

Product Code: 6365610 | Pack Size: Chickens / 18 pieces

Lightly breaded seasoned chicken pieces that are finger
lickin’ good. Two full chickens cut into pieces ready to enjoy. Fully cooked.

breaded Chicken Breast Divan

Product Code: 4395604 | Pack Size: 1.36 kg

Tender, juicy all white boneless breast meat filled with broccoli florets and a blend of Cheddar and Mozzarella cheeses; coated in a light, crisp breading. This popular filling is sure to please everyone. Uncooked.


Product Code: 4395602 | Pack Size: 1.36 kg

Tender, juicy all white boneless breast meat filled with processed Swiss cheese and ham; coated in a light, crisp breading. Make this part of your meal today! Uncooked.

breaded Chicken Parmesan

Product Code: 4395600 | Pack Size: 2.70 kg

Seasoned 100% white breast meat, formed and layered with real Mozzarella cheese and a blend of pasta sauce, Romano and Parmesan cheeses, coated in a light, crisp breading. Uncooked.

Dry Garlic Ribs

Product Code: 4145600 | Pack Size: 2.0 kg

Try these delicious riblets to serve a perfect appetizer. They can be served plain or topped with our Montreal steak spice. Uncooked.

Mild Breaded Chicken Wings

Product Code: 6215601 | Pack Size: 2 kg

Breaded, seasoned and fully cooked wings can be enjoyed plain or dressed with your favourite sauce to suit everyone’s tastes.