• We recognize our responsibility to respect and protect the human rights of JD Sweid employees, colleagues, customers, suppliers, and vendors both domestically and internationally.
  • We are committed to complying with human rights laws, as well as corresponding provincial and federal regulations, in strong alignment with JD Sweid’s core values.


  • We promote an equal opportunities policy and are committed to providing a healthy and safe workplace that is free from discrimination, harassment, or violence.


  • We prohibit forced labor practices (involuntary, bonded, or under threat) and child labor in JD Sweid operations, and we do not tolerate such conduct in our supply chain. We will continue to take necessary measures to ensure that JD Sweid operations, our suppliers, and vendors adhere to our high ethical standards and comply with all relevant norms.

Please report any suspicious activity, unethical practices, non-compliance and suspected non-compliance with laws and regulations, codes of conduct, policies and procedures, please contact us by email.