Our chicken strips are made with 100% white breast meat and are covered with our crispy special coating for extra flavour and taste.

Balance Wise Strips with Flax (par-fried)

Product Code: 4325610 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Approx. piece size: 44 g | Approx. # Pieces: 80-100
Nutritious, whole muscle lean breast strips in a delicious crispy coating with ground and whole flax seeds.

Chicken first Strips (par-fried)

Product Code: 4325611 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Approx. piece size: 45 g | Approx. # Pieces: 80-100
This unique product has long been recognized as one of the best quality whole muscle breaded chicken strips in the marketplace. If you need a premium strip, that looks like more homemade than processed, accept no substitutes.

breaded Strips (par-fried)

Product Code: 4325600 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Approx. piece size: 45 g | Approx. # Pieces: 80-100
Lightly seasoned chicken breast strips coated in a crisp breading, these are perfect for a range of menu items; as an entrée, in a sandwich, or as part of a combo dish!

Tender L’oven Strips (par-fried)

Product Code: 4325604 | Pack Size: 4 kg |Approx. piece size: 45 g | Approx. # Pieces: 80-100
Specifically designed for oven applications, these whole muscle chicken breast strips are lightly seasoned and coated with a crisp breading.

TLC Strips (par-fried)

Product Code: 4320011 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Approx. piece size: 43 g | Approx. # Pieces: 85-100
These premium clipped chicken tenders are lightly seasoned with a very fine coating of batter and breading. Can be oven baked or deep fried in minutes to please almost everyone. Serve with dipping sauce, fries or a salad.

Crunchy Strips (par-fried)

Product Code: 4322300 | Pack Size: 4 kg | Piece size: random | # Pieces: random
Our chicken strips are whole muscle 100% white meat and are coated with our own special crispy coating. Chicken strips are economical and easy to prepare and can be heated in the oven or in a deep fryer in minutes.

Ruffled Strips (FULLY COOKED)

Ruffled Strips (FULLY COOKED)

Product Code: 6320031 | Pack Size: 10 kg | Approx. piece size: 78 g | Approx. # Pieces: 108-148
A golden brown appearance with a ruffled textured breading that looks and tastes homemade. Reduced sodium, marinated, breaded, fully cooked chicken breast strips.

Halal Southern-Style Chicken Strips (fully cooked)

Product Code: 6320002 | Pack Size: 5 kg | Piece size: random | Approx. # Pieces: 57
Succulent whole muscle chicken strips in a crispy southern-style breading.