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Chicken Nuggets + Other Bites

CHICKEN NUGGETS + OTHER BITES Whether you are looking for nuggets or small bite sizes, our selection is made with 100% white breast meat and will cook uniformly for speed of serving.

Breaded Chicken Specialty

BREADED CHICKEN SPECIALTY Our stuffed chicken items are made using a variety of cheeses, sauces and always 100% white breast meat. Par-fried – ready for the oven.

Breaded Chicken Breast Burgers

BREADED CHICKEN BREAST BURGERS Our chicken burgers are easy and quick to prepare and offer a consistent centre of plate option for your menu. Par-fried – ready for the oven or fryer.

Breaded Bone-In Chicken

BREADED BONE-IN CHICKEN These chicken pieces and wings will have your customers coming back for more – again and again. Fully cooked. Reheat in oven or fryer.

Breaded Boneless Chicken Strips

BREADED BONELESS CHICKEN STRIPS Our chicken strips are made with 100% white breast meat and are covered with our crispy special coating for extra flavour and taste.

Deals + Flyers

Deals + Flyers Stay in the loop about the latest deals and information about our outlet store! If you would like to receive a copy of our specials in your inbox, please sign up below:

Location + Hours

For quality and value, visit our outlet store located at our Waterloo processing facility.Our factory seconds are first in taste! Location + Hours Visit Us! If you are looking for, or would like to order, a specific item please give … Read More

Career Opportunities
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EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Join Us! With locations in Langley, BC and Waterloo, ON, we employ over 600 people nationally. Want to join us?

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